Classic jewellery with a twist, focus on the diamond

A jewellery line that occupies a distinguished position in the Italian tradition, DLuce is a brand signed by the World Diamond Group: the focal point is the diamond.
Classic and iconic pieces from a collective imagination – perfect gifts from a man to seal his love, or to mark an important milestone, or for a woman choosing something beautiful for herself.
Remaining within the tradition of Made in Italy, DLuce is a final touch, ready to exalt the stone, revealing itself little by little, showcasing its splendour.
The jewels in this collection represent a classic look, with a twist – whether in the form of highly appreciated precious objects, or a diamond with a unique cut.

DLuce photography shoot

When a creative flair and knowledge about the use of the stones and precious metals combine,
we succeed in producing in a sole object all the colours, shapes and shades of our most beautiful emotions
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A jewel of light that shines in the heart

Jewels have a magical power: they say who we are, they tell fragments of our life stories, and celebrate what is important for us. Whether it is a precious jewel from a classic line or a diamond of a unique cut, DLuce solitaires are masterpieces of high jewellery that are rigorously Italian, a union of tradition and classic appeal, quality set in pieces that are crafted entirely by hand.

The story of our world

The diamond is chosen to seal a promise, a union, a special anniversary to celebrate a strong and indissoluble tie. A diamond is made of light, its force and eternity are nurtured out of our sight, deep in the earth. And so when we wear a DLuce diamond, we carry with us the secrets of the world

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